Trust us with your idea…

Trust us with your idea…

And we will transform it into and develop the product you want. Established since 1877, Matsuura is a family run business with solid roots of expertise in all aspects related to enhancing the beauty of a woman’s hairstyle, for any occasion. Among our first products are hair sticks that we made for geishas. Throughout the years we have developed not only hair accessories but also many other fashion accessories, such as necklaces and rings, in accordance with the fast-changing fashion, trends and techniques. Using our long history and knowledge, connections and channels, we made thousands of OEM, ODM products for different fashion brands and retail shops and gained a significant clientele by means of quality products, fair pricing and wide range of products. Among our clients are big chain stores, boutiques, museum shops in Japan, the USA, and the UK.


Trends and demands

Being in the business for more than 140 years, we strive to adapt quickly to the fast-changing fashion that the public demands. We help you design successful products, offer organized production process and professional customer service.

Quality and price

Quality is the main principal in the production of our products and is significant in each stage of the production. Working with the quality control team, we ensure that our clients will get the high-quality product. We strive to provide unique services at fair prices in order to meet our clients’ taste and ideas.


Punctuality and responsibility

We strive to be punctual and responsible for the timely distribution, and follow each and every step the product-making takes – from the sketching and 2D design up to the distribution of the products to your doorstep.


Ryo Matsuura

Sales team

Tatsuya Kano

Sales team

Emiko Noda

Sales team

Megumi Nakano

Design team

Yudai Suzuki

Product management team

Koh Matsuura

Production control team


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